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    [VS] Outfit Meeting Minutes, 2/3/13

    Details of our first outfit meeting are below. Please feel free to discuss the issues raised.

    Thanks to Cooper for chairing it, all the members that listened in and Sampsiceramos who graciously took notes (below).
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    Right - as the designated note-taker for most of the meeting, this is what I got - if I missed anything of particular importance, do go ahead and fill in from memory, particularly from the last half hour, where my hand cramped and from which I have no notes.

    The discussion very much drifted back and forth, but for the sake of readers, I'm going to try to organize it under two main headers:

    1. Outfit Image Concerns

    Most of the talk under this header dealt with either the recruitment process or the public face of the outfit. A formal recruitment drive was discussed, with the nays carrying the vote sans resistance - that is to say there will be no ingame recruitment drive, and any future recruitment drive will consist of a front-page post on the RPS website proper. Instead, the current system will be kept, and those interested in joining are to be provided, insofar as I understood correctly, a link to the main RPS page and asked to navigate from there, as this serves as an appropriate and much appreciated idiot filter.

    It was decided that there is also to be provided an actual outfit website, which will be the face, and solely the face, of the outfit. It'll be where we host Youtube videos (from the channel BasicPauly already has, upon which we will expand) and similar content. An official outfit logo has also been commissioned; as far as I understand, ApricotSoup volunteered his assistance here. Any other info on said website will have to be procured from Cooper.

    In addition to this, it was suggested, but no consensus was apparent to me, that we also establish a presence on the official PS2 forums - related things such as posting the StratGir after-action reports was also suggested, but as said, any reached consensus eluded my understanding.

    2. Strategic Concerns

    On the the topic of strategic concerns, a multitude of things, planned and unplanned, were discussed. Firstly, the SpecOps squad that runs most Wednesdays was discussed, and found to be a well-functioning overflow unit for those who find regular comms excessively crowded. It was also decided, insofar as I have understood correctly, that in the future, we shall attempt to keep platoons on most nights limited to 36, and perhaps even 24 players, firstly so that the comms channels are neither cacophonous nor deserted, and additionally so that there are more opportunities for aspiring BL's to hone their craft - this, of course, need not necessarily apply to nights where comms are more sequestered.

    Apropos comms, it has been decided to trial two competing setups in the coming weeks. On next Thursday, we shall run the comms setup StratGir has often used, which consists of one unified leader-chat channel. On the following Thursday, we shall trial the comms setup that has been posted already to these forums by Ridebird, and then discuss them during the next outfit Mumble meeting before settling on which one to use thereafter on.

    Additionally, the use of public platoons was discussed. They were found to work well, and it has been decided that we shall run them more often, but that we shall endeavour to always have RPS squad leaders.

    Finally - and this is something of a change, if I may be so bold, it has been decided, due to sufficient interest therein and an additional interest in continously improving our play on StratGir nights, that every alternating day will be a "squad play" day, where we use the comms setup used on StratGir nights. That is not to say that it will be as SRSFACE as StratGir, but simply that the participants in the Mumble discussion felt there was a regrettable lack of opportunity for prospective leaders, and outfit members in general, to practice the somewhat alien setup that StratGir utilises. Thus, henceforth, Mondays shall be as silly as always, Tuesdays shall be a squad-play night using the StratGir comms setup, Wednesday shall remain unchanged, and thus also with Thursday. The format of Friday and Saturday shall be decided by the vox populus, owing to these being prime nights for other engagements, and Sundays are intended as an opportunity to practice the finer arts of Planetside with qualified instructors - participation in actual training sessions, however, will remain optional, and a platoon for those disinterested therein will always exist.

    If I've missed anything, do fill in.
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    Off the top of my head, the last half hour mostly consisted of discussing the Public platoons and working with other VS outfits. Sadly my memory isn't quite as good as Sampi's!

    Public platoons - general feeling was that they worked quite well, once we got the numbers into them, but it can be quite a lonely job. We decided to try maybe putting the squad leaders (and maybe a few others) as RPS members, to help fill out the platoon to begin with and to allow at least half a dozen or so RPS guys to chat on mumble together, whilst also using ingame comms for everyone else. <The guy who's run a lot of public platoons> pointed out you tend to get a lot more people joining when you're showing 9/12 or above on the platton-finder-thingy, so we should aim to keep Alpha (which I guess is the only thing that's shown on that screen?) fairly full to attract people.

    Other VS outfits - I wasn't listening too much during this bit, but people seemed happy with other outfits as and when we got in contact with them. Several people pointed out that our allies appreciate integration - e.g. getting put in a squad in one of our platoons. There were also comments about having a "comms officer" (separate from squad/platoon leads) to liase with them on TS - someone else can probably elaborate on that idea.

    Cooper also said he'd throw rocks/make smoke signals/send threatening letters to try and get us some stickying powers in the subforum.

    Our website is currently and people seemed happy with it for the most part - but if we ever do want our own-own website, rather than a generated one, I can offer up some space on my server (I sadly lack any sort of web design skill, though).
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    I propose a real real website. Keep it extremely simple - I'm thinking along the lines of CV/resume websites some people have.

    Basically just a front page with a video about us, logo, link to YouTube and a line on how to join ("find us on the forum") and who to contact for ally stuff.
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    I've updated the enjin website and created a wordpress over at:

    Preferences between them (layout / capabilities rather than theme & design which can be worked at)

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    Bad link there Cooper. Did you mean ?

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    If nothing else, the Wordpress one doesn't have ads! The Wordpress one looks a lot less cluttered, too.
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