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    "Oooo, let's stop, this is a good place for a picture.."

    Sweet air man, yeah.


    And then we were there!!! At the anomaly coordinates! We dug through the 3 metre thick ice with our bare hands and there it was, staring up at us like some kind of Stephen Merchant voiced portal 2 rip off. As we stared back into its eye we made funny faces and demanded that it give us more batteries.

    Ahead stood the "Eastern Frozen Sea". We moonwalked across the ice in victory until Mitch let out a yelp and exclaimed "IT'S HIM! FORGIVE ME MIGHTY VANU!". Then i heard it. "LEAVE THE RESTRICTED AREA IMMEDIATELY." Surely that was the mighty Vanu?! "His will be done!" we praised. We were already doomed. Traction is a cruel misstress on ice...

    We were struck down. Mitch first with a stylish collapse that earnt him a 9/10 from the judge from Japan, then Paul half way through a "I NEED YOUR HELP!" voip...

    In those final seconds, having seen my fellow Geologists smited mere feet from me, i glanced at the shapes in the corner of my eye. The Flash's: Gordon, Bear and Rudolph. "They outlived us afterall i muttered."

    "Is this how it ends?"
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