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    [Preview] Big Bang Battle - Multiplayer Pong/Windjammers-like

    Hi all!

    Here is the project my team is currently working on: BIG BANG BATTLE!
    (optimized for Google Chrome but should be ok with Firefox)

    Big Bang Battle is a cross between Pong and Windjammers, born from our intense desire to play a multiplayer arcade game "with friends like old times! right now!". Since we didn't find what we were looking for, we decided to create it... and even though the current game content is limited, we have serious fun playing against each others.

    This short preview has been developed by 2 people pretty quickly (we are 3 now!), the engine and some elements are temporary, but the global experience is closed to what we'd like to create. That's why we thought it would be cool to share this version beyond our personal circles in order to get feedback, questions or cheers, from casual to veteran gamers. Please share your opinion (good or bad), it will help us confirm what's great and what has to be improved.

    The "real game" is under development and will be released in June 2013 on Windows/Mac/Linux and Ouya. It should allow 4 players max to play on the same screen (2vs2), with many characters/powers/arenas. Online multiplayer may be available on PC/Mac/Linux, depending on several factors... And gamepads will be supported on all platforms, of course.

    As I said, we really wait for your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts on this topic or facebook/twitter. In both cases, it should be ok.

    Well, we hope you'll enjoy Big Bang Battle, I'd recommend to play in versus mode if you can (since arcade games are always more fun with friends) and wish you a good time :)


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