Hey guys I've noticed that my computer is not top dog ( really just feeling sluggish ) any more and I'm looking at going to try and do some upgrades, I currently have an asrock Penryn1600SLI-110dB Mobo with 4 gig of DDR 2, an intel q6700 OC'd to 3.35 Ghz 2 x 500 GB 5600 RPM HDDs, and a 450 GTS graphics card. The only things I really want to change are the MOBO, the processor and the Ram. And before you ask yes, I have fiddled with MSCONFIG and gone through all the processes I don't need running permanently to try and speed it up, I have also used a registry cleaner and the machine is basically reasonably well kept. But anyway, Back to topic.

I'm tempted to jump across to AMD and go for the Hex core 1100T because ive been reading up and it has some awesome reviews.... and surely 6 cores are better than 4 right?

or I have the choice of going for a 2500k as that's in a similar price range.... which has been receiving also equally good reviews.

I just don't really have a clue which to go for.

And with your recommendation could you also point me out some good motherboards because this will be my first solo build (as the last build was with my dad but he is in china for 3 months so "I'm Ridin' solo") and well. I don't have a clue really what to look for in a motherboard. having a price range of around 75-120 And also could you give a suitable suggestion ram Kit for around 50-75 please.

This rig will mostly be used for A lot of stuff really. mostly gaming but also the occasional photoshop work, and some Audio Work Via Traktor.

Thanks in advance,