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Thread: UK GPU deals

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    UK GPU deals

    I'm lost as to which cards are actually worth buying atm - budget of 90 max (maybe a bit of postage - maybe).

    I'd prefer nVidia but an AMD card might do IF it's better for the same cash.

    Nothing power guzzling plz (just 1 PCIE connector on a Corsair 430M PSU) - don't mind refurbs or end-of-lines if they're warranted either


    p.s. so far I've seen a GTX 650 for 90, a 550 TI Overclocked (EVGA Refurb) for 80 and a GTX 460 for 70 which seems to reflect their likely performance too?

    Oh! a GTX 470 (EVGA refurb) for 80 - massive performance for the money but requires a nuclear reactor for power and cooling I suspect :)
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