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    Radiance RPG Funtimes

    Radiance: Of Steam and Sorcery

    Victorian steampunk adventures, fraught with danger and opportunity! Exploring a world caught in the throes of revolution, both political and scientific! Talking and shooting/slashing/fleeing!

    Current cast (full!):

    "Mister" Tharg, half-orc barbarian (PresidentWeasel) [background +1]
    Sir Nemo Lloyd, atlan elementalist (Screwie) [background +1]
    Cathal Dubh, human gunslinger (palindrome) [background +1]
    Robert-Houdin Houdini, gnome wizard (LowKey) [background +1]
    "William" Cable, warmech artificer (Harlander) [background +1]
    "Egg," kobold rogue (Egg)
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