I've been looking for an upgrade for someone today and I noticed that more and more people are plumping for mAtx boards and their scary lack of expansion.

Once upon a time they were the cheap option and avoidable due to their components likely being cheaper but I'm suspecting that's less the case now (tho they are, generally, still a bit cheaper)

I don't need or plan to ever need Crossfire/SLI but I am aware that most GPUs are pretty hefty these days and will overlap everything anyway. My own PC has a PCI slot which is near-useless thanks to my puny 5670's fan overlapping it (you can actually get a card in but I fear little ventilation as a result). There's a shorter (PCI-e?) slot I could use if I were desperate for a soundcard perhaps but that's about it.

Thing is - with decent onboard sound, loads of onboard USBs, onboard Gigbyte network and Wifi etc - does anyone actually USE any of the expansion slots on their boards these days?

Don't really care about the size - the casing it's going into is ATX anyway - but am I right to be less deterred by limited expansion slots than I am by bizarre shit like only offering 2 memory slots??

One board I looked at had 'only' 4 SATA ports - thing is I've never connected more than 4 devices to a board anyway??

Is mATX a useful way of saving a few bob?