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    Cyanide Bloodbowl Router Issues

    I have again dropped from a game about half way in, the third time in 7 matches(if you count when the first 2 were complete on the second try 3 in 9)

    I Have had a look at my router, pored over INTERNETS and tried to see if I have anything wrong.

    9103 in UDP
    16962 in TCP & UDP
    30710 in UDP

    I forward those ports to LAN Server IP address (which is also my static ipv4 address), gonna go find someone on the steam to see if I can replicate the problem and try and identify it I guess.
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    As well as the ports you listed, I also appear to have 16961 and 16963 in TCP & UDP forwarded. I've no idea why, and I can't recall where I saw them suggested as it's been months since I set the forward porting up.

    In fact, a quick glance shows that my open ports for Blood Bowl are currently:

    9103 in TCP & UDP
    16961, 16962, 16963 in TCP & UDP
    30710 in TCP & UDP

    I used to suffer connection problems all the time before setting up these ports and switching from my abominable BT Homehub to a nice reliable Netgear. However, these issues were almost always initial connection problems; I rarely suffered from in-game connection loss like yours.

    As for the use of TCP & UDP in all instances, that might just have been a final act of desperation on my part. Still, it works consistently now so I'm not touching a bloody thing :)
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    If the problem happens intermittently might it be to with with the stability of your connection rather than the router? If there is a momentary loss of connection I imagine Cynanide wouldn't handle it very well.

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    I used to get dropped connections all the time - usually about 30 seconds at the start of every turn. I opened every BB related port I could find and got rid of Zone Alarm in favour of Comodo, which helped for a while but didn't really last. Eventually I bought a cheap new router to test as I was having problems with the connection to the office too: ever since then I've had far fewer connection problems despite not opening any ports specifically on it. I've had one disconnected match, with the red disconnected text maybe popping up once or twice per match at most.

    So I guess basically what I'm saying is that BB is incredibly fussy, and doing what you're supposed to do won't necessarily make any difference. It seems to depend on all sorts of stuff that's pretty much outside your direct control unfortunately.

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    afaik is you actually get into the match ports aren't your problem, sounds like your connection is dropping out. Check the wiring perhaps?

    Alternatively you can use this to monitor packet loss etc on your line.

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    I'll try that packet monitor. I think I might have discovered my issue I had (needless) rules for outgoing connections, and I think I noticed one of them was set to block when I was wiping out the old rules. Which is BAD!

    I'll run the packet loss thingum in the background and draw a line under it for now. Thanks guys.
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    Hey guys - sorry to necro this - not sure if anyone will notice.

    The 30710 port - I have it set up because I found this shortly after joining DoD ... but nowhere else on the interwebs do I see mention of this concerning BB. So am wondering how it came to be on this list?

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    After googling a bit I found it mentioned in various forums, but nothing that looks official. It seems the same ports where used in Chaos League as well. Some other posts referred to this post on Team Liquid as their source, which seems like it's quoting something else, but I can't find what source that would be.

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