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    Don't even ask...

    Civitas: a city-building game that's not the SimCity reboot

    Full disclosure: this isn't my game, but i saw it mentioned in the comments for one of the SimCity articles, and i think it at least bears mention in this week's Kickstarter Katchup.

    Basically, it's a game that strives to be something that's better than the new SimCity reboot: moddable, DRM-free, and community-driven. From what has been shown so far, it's in 3D, with full-blown terraforming, curved roads, and so on. The graphics don't look too impressive for now, but the graphics isn't what people want from city-builders anyway.

    Here's a link to it's Kickstarter page, sadly with no video yet. I'd love to see it get off the ground.

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    What I want to know is how good of a simulation it is.

    There's city building and then there's all the ugly complexities that go on behind the scenes. Without those complexities you may as well be playing with MS Paint.

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    Looks like they won't make it unless they try for a stronger push. The idea's interesting and it'd be great to have an alternative to SimCity but, this early in development, there's not that much to show. They've got a video up showing a bit of terraforming now btw.

    There are a few things that worry me about their pitch though:
    1) Aside from "Brandon Smith", we don't know how many and who else is involved in this project. It's been pointed out on their forums and on Reddit that the other team members may be working on this in their spare time.
    2) They list delivery for November 2013. Will they really make it, or is that for beta?
    3) I'm hoping they don't follow the Cities XL zoning style where you have to specifically zone unskilled, skilled, executives, elites, offices, shops, manufacturing, dirty industry, high tech etc, instead of just going for Residential, Commercial and Industrial.
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    Possible red flag?

    So you say you are worried about losing your job with Greylan but when I just backed you on Kickstarter it came through as "We have received your Mar 10, 2013 authorization to let Kickstarter, Inc., Greylan Studios charge you." So it seems you are Greylan. So then I got curious and researched Greylan and came across your less than complete site at The only person who has ever posted to the forum is you.

    A Whois further confirms you and Greylan are one in the same So why the lie?

    So why should anyone think this is legit with this many inconsistencies?

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    Canceled 2 hours ago.

    /grabs popcorn

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    They canceled the KS and said they got private funding after the defecation hit the oscillation on Kickstarter. hey started a website, but didn't update it since March. Still, discussions continued and the mods said they were progressing nicely. Now the forums have been taken offline. I wonder what this whole scam was about. After the KS got pulled, why continue half-assed appearances? Why bother with the website? And then why let it go dead? Was that just a half-hearted attempt to try to save face?

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