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    Arma 3 Alpha performance.

    Hello. Currently I am checking to see what gives the most major performance drops in Arma 3.
    To do this, I set up a little benchmark in which a car drives from the major town in stratis to a military base on a hill. I benchmarked from First Person using RadeonPro and collected these figures:

    System: Ati Radeon 5770
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.8 ghz (OC'ed from 2.4)
    4 GB DDR 2 RAM.
    @ 1920 * 1080

    On low settings:
    Average FPS: Avg Deviation: Lowest: Highest:
    52,2826086957 8,7151228733 18 72

    On standard settings:

    Avg Deviation:

    Lowering GPU_max frames ahead to 1:
    28,3070175439 2,68151739 17 35
    Also, no visible smoothness or anything percieved - this trick from Arma 2 does not appear to work anymore.

    The first things I noticed were the FPS drops at the start of the benchmark and the relatively high difference between low and standard. I do not know the cause of the latter.
    the cause of the first is rather simple: The game streams in lods and textures whilst already outputting them on your screen, whilst Arma 2 showed you the "Establishing connection" black screen during that process. As a result, the minimal FPS rates are rather unreliable. However, performance on low settings in the town was still roughly 30 fps (see attached file).
    Also, my benchmark is very simple and silly - and I have to manually switch to indoor view, which adds a slight drop as well (indoor view demands more performance in general due to the PiP: Mirrors and parking cams).

    I will be looking for ways to improve performance, nonetheless, lets see what the major bugbears are.

    Step one: Go to the Arma3Alpha.cfg in my documents and change maxprerendered frames to 1. - no effect.
    Steop two: Follow the advice in this thread .
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