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    How to take the Crown with a platoon

    It has been bugging my for a while now that a organized force cant take a base from unorganized zerg defense so i have thought about it and this is how it is done. Not saying we have the organization for this but im pretty sure this would work.

    Step 1 Galaxy layout

    First 4 Galaxy will drop onto the same air pad in order.

    Gal 1: 6 Anti infantry MAX, 3 Comet, 2 Bursters. Goes with out saying AI for troops, Comets for Max's, bursters cover everyone ass's

    Objective Clear pad wait 5-10 seconds for second drop.

    Gal 2-3-4 will drop at the same time
    Gal 2: 11 Engineers Objective, 6 will drop ammo and repair 5 will help clear remaining pads.
    Gal 3: 11 Medics objective, 6 will heal and revive, 5 will help clear
    Gal 4: 11 Infiltrators with SMG's, 4 Will hack all remaining active AA turrets and man them. Rest will avoid combat and stay alive at all cost

    Gal pilots will best be light assaults as they are likely to miss the drop point and will need to get back to the landing pad after they have made sure there squad has dropped.

    The 2 bursters are to stay on the roof until sundie is deployed in garage
    Once all pads are clear they shouldn't be any more than 1-2 squads up there. Max's take point clearing down to the AV turrets where 4 of the 7 remaining hackers must hack them and man them.

    It is vitally important that no one goes on A as all this will do will bring even more troops to the tower.

    Once floor 2 is secure we get the hard part the garage.

    They will most likely be a sundie in here so the 2-3 of combat engineers will charge this and mine it while the other 2 will mine both entrances. The 6 repair engies must stay with the max's at all times.

    All remaining Infiltrators must hack all terms then pull at least 2-3 sundies and deploy in the veh bay then man the guns. Pref Furys with NV.

    All sundies MUST have full mine guard duel furys\bulldogs and AMS

    This is where squads will take on duties instead of class's

    Alpha: 2 AI max's, 1 comet, 4 engineers, 4 medics "1 LA from gal pilot" will hold the north side of the sundies so veh door.

    Bravo: 2 AI, 1 Comet, 4 engineers, 4 medics "1 LA from gal pilot" will Hold south side of sundies again veh door.

    Charlie: 2AI: 1 comet, 3 engineers 3 Medics, "1 la from pilot" 2 infiltrators that pulled sundies "8 of the 11 are manning turrets" the 2 infs will swap out to a medics and a engineer to support the squad, which will hold the 2 west infantry doors.

    Delta: 9 infiltrators, 2 bursters and a LA, Once sundies are deployed by this squad at least 2-3 must be pulled all infiltrators must swap to engineers to repair and maintain sundies. By this time all hacked turrets should be destroyed. The sundies furys main goals are to provide supports and cover all doors with 1 trained on the east doors at all times.

    Then you just hold till the zerg joins you.

    This requires a MMORPG level of organization that i dont really think we can achieve this level of organization was not unusual for Raids as complicated as this in Age of conan where a 24 man group would fight one boss and if one guy died you wiped but that was hard core raiders and most people play this game for fun.

    Im not saying this level of organization is possible in this game but it should be.

    Anyway this has been on my mind all week hope you enjoy the reed

    I would love to be able to say as a outfit, what the crown yea we could take that with 1 platoon IF we wanted to.

    but that's just me all ways aim for the toughest challenge in a game and the crown is that atm

    Edit: Also once you have cleared the air pads if you have 1 platoon and 1 squad you could bring in 6 libs to support as all the AA would be removed
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