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    What game soundtracks do you listen to when not gaming?

    I've recently re-discovered the amazing Machinarium soundtrack, and have it on repeat in the house. I'm also a huge fan of the Bioshock OST. What do you all listen to?

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    I don't usually listen to game soundtracks, either I prefer to listen to "normal" music or do whatever I'm doing in silence. But if I am doing work that doesn't require full concentration I like to listen to Dawn of War 2 or Spellforce.
    Irrelevant on further examination of the rest of the thread.

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    I think the only soundtrack I have outside of the (non-)game is Dear Esther. Although I might track down the Bastion soundtrack. Mostly I find game soundtracks a little insipid and backgroundy.

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    Warcraft II
    Dawn of War II

    Plus lots of remixes from OverClocked ReMix. Minibosses feature regularly in my listening as well.
    The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath, a Napoleon: Total War AAR
    For the Emperor!, a Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai AAR
    The Red Blades, a Battle Brothers AAR

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    Make sure you have a listen to the Deus Ex:HR soundtrack. Some good pieces.

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    Mission in Space: The Lost Colony (free in browser, try here: very nice hard rock)
    Red Alert (1)
    C&C: Tiberian Dawn (example: kitschy in a good way)
    Planescape: Torment
    Eschalon Book 1
    Emperor: Battle For Dune
    Dune 2000
    Homeworld 1, 2
    Heroes of Might and Magic 2, 3, 4 ( )
    Starcraft 1
    Baldur's Gate
    Unreal Tournament (the original one)
    Quake 2
    Space Phallus
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiphat View Post
    Make sure you have a listen to the Deus Ex:HR soundtrack. Some good pieces.
    Cool, thanks for the recommendation!

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    Bastion - bloody brilliant, I don't know why I disliked it before I played the game.

    American McGee's Alice - composed by Chriss Vrenna (he was a drummer in one Nine Inch Nails (NIN IS ON THE TOUR AGAIN, YAY) lineup) and it fit perfectly in the game and outside of it.

    Obscure 2 - some great horror music. It uses string orchestra in a good way when most other games have orchestral tracks suitable only for in-game listening, because it's too boring.
    Oh, it also have children's choir.

    (almost) all Akira "I've made music for Silent Hill" Yamaoka music. I'm amazed how he can put 3-4 distorted guitars playing at the same time, each one playing different notes, in one track (Overdose Delusion from SH2).

    Portal 2 - I just like it. And it's free.

    System Shock 2 - it's my fauvorite electronics music so far, except Blade Runner movie OST of course. You can't beat Vangelis.

    The Path - lovely, strange, dark.

    Little Inferno - it have one song which goes "It's little inferno, is little inferno! IT"S LITTLE INFERNO JUST FOR MEEEE!" which stuck in my head and doesn't want to go out. The rest is good too.

    Final Fantasy IX - once where I didn't have Internet I was sometimes beating final boss just to listen to Melodies Of Life.

    Proteus - I listen to it only in a game, but as it's generated by our actions it's just pointless to record it. But if it was "fixed" OST I would totally listen to it outside the game.

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    Well let's see. Primarily:

    Cave Story Remastered
    Deus Ex
    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
    Rayman Origins
    To The Moon
    The Witcher 2

    And only a few tracks of:
    AI War
    Fighting is Magic

    I've got most of them on shuffle together with all of my other music. It's probably about half of my music library by playtime. I find it hard to believe that there would be a more varied collection of sounds and instruments outside the realm of game soundtracks.

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    Only ones I've listened to outside of a game have been:

    Hotline Miami's soundtrack (at least the stuff by M.O.O.N---of course his stuff was released apart from the game first as an EP so I'm not sure it really counts)
    Frozen Synapse (amazing electronica soundtrack)

    Also way back in the day when I was a little kid I used to do push ups to Red Alert (original) and Rogue Spear's soundtracks ;).
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    I never really listened to any video game music, up until maybe 18 months or so ago. I started then because I needed music to go with the books I was reading, which were a lot of "fantasy"... and a lot of RPG soundtracks go pretty well with that sort of stuff (although these have largely been superseded these days by the entire Dead Can Dance discography, Klezmer, and carefully selected classical pieces). These RPG soundtracks include...

    Baldur's Gate 1, 2 and ToB.

    Icewind Dale 1, 2 and HoW.

    Dragon Age Origins.

    The Witcher and The Witcher 2 soundtracks, as well as the Inspired By... compilation that came with TW1EEDC, some good songs/bands on there (I even went out of my way to pick up a Beltaine album, a group featured on the Inspired by...). TW2 is probably the only game soundtrack I listen to with any regularity these days.

    Also recently, I have been listening to the Dark Souls OST... because I've finally got the bug and have become slightly obsessed with it over the last 2 weeks.

    Also, I'll occasionally listen to Copilot "Drunken Whaler", or a few tracks from the Hotline Miami or DX:HR soundtracks, while driving.

    Used to listen to the Quake Soundtrack a lot as well.

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    To the Moon

    -not PC gaming-
    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Scott Pilgrim vrs. the World: The Game
    Some assorted megaman songs

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    Crysis 2 has a wonderful soundtrack
    Crysis 3 is also nice but I think it's mixed differently in the game, because certain parts sound much better while playing.
    DmC's Noisia soundtrack is very good (previously I thought Noisia is only worth hearing live).
    Black Ops 2 has a better futuristic OST than Mass Effect 3. The main theme by Trent Reznor is great.

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    Red Alert 3 (shut up)

    End of Nations (also shut up)

    Supreme Commander (original, not FA or 2)

    Battlefield 2142 (odd, but Verdun and Suez in particular are badass)

    Left 4 Dead 2 (Midnight Riders are almost a match for Manowar when it comes to sheer cheese)

    Some ME stuff (by which I mean Sovereign`s and Harbinger`s themes and the music when the
    Normandy 2 is unveiled, and that also plays during the ending cutscene in ME2, Jacob`s loyalty mission music, some Omega battle music... Mass Effect in general has a soundtrack that jumps between "meh" and "fuck yeah!" with alarming regularity)

    Some of the TF2 trailer tracks
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    Divine Divinity actually has some gems, if you can wade through it all.

    Thief 3. Seaside Manor in particular stands out.

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    Quite a few.

    Frozen Synapse.
    Metroid Prime.
    Guilty Gear.
    Melty Blood.
    Persona 3.
    Persona 4.
    Analogue: A Hate Story.
    Hotline Miami.
    Katamari Damacy.
    Star Ocean The Last Hope.
    Phantasy Star Online.
    Sonic Adventure 2.
    Mirror's Edge.
    Jet Set Radio & Future.
    The World Ends With You.

    And I totally did not check up the playlist I have on the Vita to compile that list. </lies and deceit>

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    I have mentioned them in every thread like this and I will keep doing that until the end of time - Silent Hills. Especially 2, 3 and 4 (and 4 is IMO the best one, since it's more "music" than others. Also, trip-hop is always cool). Other than those, not much, Katamari Damacy every now and then and Dark Souls as well as FFVII.

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    Half-Life 2
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Portal 2
    Hotline Miami
    Super Meat Boy

    And that's it I think. HL2 and SotC are my favorites of the bunch.
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    Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth 2: Soulblighter are my favorite soundtracks. Myth 3's also had some good parts. You'll probably need to get creative to find these, but they're worth it.

    I'll also endorse the two Witcher soundtracks and the Inspired By... compilation attached to them.

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    My favourites have already been mentioned- Bastion, VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy. Can we count remixes? I love the Cave Story Remix Project- some excellent stuff in there. Blood on the Asphalt, a Street Fighter 2 remix project has a lot of fun stuff too.

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