Nation managing/Empire building game
Province based map like Endless Legends/EU 4/CK 2/Dominions 4
Turn based, every turn is a month
Fantasy theme
Magic focused with magic affecting multiple areas of game play beyond warfare
Advanced economic and political gameplay
Population simulation
No turn limit or win condition

The major goal of AoD is to allow players to make a choice about how to manage their society.
It should be possible to focus on areas like magic, espionage, and diplomacy to defend your nation.
Each sphere of nation building should be as deep and decision rich as the war mechanics.
Growth should be restricted by reasonable and interactive mechanics like integration and quality of life and logistics.
It should be possible to play an interesting game with little or no territorial expansion.


As a sovereign of a fantasy kingdom you will have the ability to manage the many spheres of your society. There is quite a bit of detail in the spoiler tags below about specific systems but I will do a general and simplified overview in this section.

The major systems in the game are internal politics/government, industry/agriculture/trade, espionage/diplomacy, religion/ideology, population management, and warfare. Magic is integrated into all of these realms.

As noted in goals I have attempted to flesh all of these areas out equally. This means that instead of simplistic and artificial limitations on conquest which is the sole goal of the game you will have many choices on how you want to play. Going tall and going wide are equally viable. You could play 1000s of turns without ever initiating a war of expansion and can get quite far without even a defensive war if you so choose. You may engage in each of the spheres of gameplay to whatever degree you prefer.

Some AI nations will operate primarily through espionage, some through trade, some through diplomacy, some through industry and others through warfare. Others may balance their choices between 2 or more areas. You face a similar choice.

There are approximately 10000 provinces and 1000 nations on the standard size map currently. This may change based on beta testing if people lack computers that can run the changing turn function quickly. World conquest is theoretically possible but highly unlikely. If its done at all it will take 1000s of years and probably 10s of thousands of turns on the current map size. So perhaps several years in real life? 10 or more?

Mechanics that are abstracted highly or even away exist in Axioms. Instead of hitting change culture you must engage in a campaign of propaganda to easily alter the goals of your populations. Instead of sending a diplomat to "integrate" new territories you must slowly involve new provinces and populations in the bureaucracy and life of your empire.

There are no "states" or "cores" or "territories" or "colonies" or "corruption". The status of a given province is based on the way you administer it. Vassals are character relationships with player defined agreements. You don't vassalize a nation. You ask if they will accept a certain agreement like royal marriage, defense treaty, 25% tax, open borders/trade, etc. You can set agreement templates if you don't want unique agreements between you and each subordinate state.

The decisions you make moment to moment depend quite a bit on your larger choices.

If you run an espionage focused kingdom you may spend time allocating intelligence funding, bribing or blackmailing people based on information you have on them, creating and executing plots to overthrow your overlord or cause a neighboring kingdom to collapse and other such stuff.

If you focus on magic and industry you may spend time exploring ancient ruins from the "age of blank" for magic and books, building mines and training wizards or w/e.
If you are a single city in a good position with a deep harbor and focus on being a trading nation you might spend time spying on trade rivals, brokering trade agreements, exploring to find new lands with new goods, funding expeditions to ancient ruins for rare loot or working to find ways to build better and faster ships.

If you want to conquer the world you may be growing population for your armies, building roads for your supply caravans, mining ore for weapons, negotiating treaties for vassals or provinces, hiring mercenaries, paying shady foreign agents to cause chaos in a target nation or other such stuff.

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