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    Simcity 2013: Rock, Paper, Simoleons region chat

    UPDATE: There are no longer any free city slots in the region.

    This thread is for those playing in or interested in joining the 16-slot region Rock, Paper, Simoleons, on the server Europe West 5. Here we can coordinate various region-wide upgrades, such as university departments and projects, great works, city hall improvements etc. We can also discuss deals and specialisations. For general game discussion, using the original SimCity disucssion thread might be more appropriate.

    Invites were sent to those who had previously expressed an interest and who have registereds on the server EUW 5. Send a friend request and an Origin chat message to EsotericReverie if you want to join.

    The rules:
    - One city per player.
    - No arsehats.

    Important! Due to the fact that some of us have limited/deluxe editions and some do not, reclaiming someone else's city might not be possible because of the difference in available additional content. This left three cities unplayable for most players in the old region. So, please, please, do not claim a city that you do not intend to play. Also, see The rules, above.

    EDIT: players and connections. All cities in each quadrant are interconnected by highway, rail connections sometimes go between quadrants.

    Southern quadrant:
    EsotericReverie -(rail)- Mbaya
    Ninjadeath -(rail)- Ridebird (also to Yargh and Seigous)

    Western quadrant:
    Yargh -(rail)- Seigous (also to Ridebird and Ninjadeath)
    Notface - -(rail)- justonemorething

    Northern quadrant:
    Fafhrd42 -(rail)- Zarkk (also to empty sicty in Eastern quadrant)

    Easter quadrant:
    Empty city connected to Fafhrd42 and Zarkk by rail)
    3 other empty cities interconnected by rail
    All other cities are currently empty.
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