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We had 47 comrades tonight, all furthering the goals of our socialist agrarian revolution. 47 is a nice number for so many reasons. The Party thanks all comrades who came along; in a weekend where so many hours were spent exploring ArmA 3, it was great to see our regular ArmA 2 session so well-attended.

In a move that surprised some, we began with a rapid run of Cholo Episode 2, during which the French-speaking hostages were subjected to torture and (in one case) death, before brave UN troops effected a rooftop landing in a Huey and finished off the drug-crazed gang-bangers. In Dash, the platoon again demonstrated its ability to move quickly across the sand to the north-eastern part of the Shapur complex. And die there. It's like our graveyard. The newly more-difficult Running Rabbit proved to be suitably epic, but sadly our M1A1 was destroyed, its fresh-faced crew dying in the flames (well, fresh-faced to FA's sessions; it like that scene in Memphis Belle, only with a debriefing screen). The first round of Crash Site provided a great deal of work for the Chernarussian equivalent of the FAA, but the second saw a successful helo extraction under fire.

Two favours to ask: during the briefing phase of the mission please remember to keep banter to sideChat. Similarly, please remember that we don't plan by committee: for non-commanders this means not seeking to debate the CO's plan; for COs, it's important to be directive and lay out a plan for everyone - please don't invite a massive discussion. These are important aspects of how FA's sessions are run, please help us by supporting them. Thanks!

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here (PM any of the hosts for details of FA YouTube channel); please remember comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA video idents, but please also check out the latest guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS from comrade Ferrard Carson. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.

For more replies (and to add your own), please see: http://www.folkarps.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=770