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Thread: GTX670 suicide

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    GTX670 suicide

    If you've been reading this for a while, you'll know I had a bit of trouble getting my new system working. Eventually I did, with a new GTX670. Everything was entirely fine - as in, it couldn't have worked so well for so long without being so. I must've put in 100 hours GPU strain-time or so over a couple of months, and, while I had a couple of crashes, we all know, sa PC users, that doesn't mean a great deal. There was nothing to indicate it was GPU related other than fans going mental as it blackscreened on me. it only did this once or twice, and would always just load again. I checked temperatures and everything said it was fine - both the system temperature generally and the gpu control panel thing. So.. then it had a crash from which it appears to have died. If I turn it on at all now, the system seems to be booting fine but the screen's dead and the GPU fans spin up to crazy and just stay there. I'm assuming it's fried, somehow. Any ideas? Sounds like an RMA to me, this shouldn't have happened. Anyone know if it'll need to go back to ebuyer, where I bought it, or.. I think it's EVGA - direct?

    Incidentally, it had been chugging alone ostensibly fine with Far Cry 3, Dishonored, Planetside 2, all at max settings. Yet when it had it's final moment, I was in Crusader Kings II. Go figure...

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