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    So I made a game (sort of...)

    Another Edit (I put this thing up way to early): I decided to spent some more time with it in order to make it less obscure. This may take some time, but I'm going to constantly update this page, as I'm still relying on other people telling me what's wrong with it.

    I was toying with the idea of making videogames for quite some time (who hasn't?) but always bounced off the programming stuff. I was also hesitant to use any of the 'you don't need to program'-Programs (e.g. Construct), because I actually wanted to learn how to program.
    So at the beginning of this year, due to a suggestion in the comments beneath one of those 'Learn how to program in Minecraft' Posts on RPS, I found Codeacademy. About two weeks ago I started putting something together in Unity.

    And here we have the result. In lack of any better name, I called it 'Telos'.

    And if you already thought that the name sounds slightly pretentious, wait until you hear what's it about.

    Telos is a game about the Problem of Induction. Its main Element is based upon a thought experiment by Paul Watzlawick (1921-2007), called 'Die Aberglšubische Ratte' ('The superstitious Rat'), published in his Book 'Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit?' ('How Real is Real' in english (according to Wikipedia.)).

    My goal was to present a simple example of how humans try to gain reliable knowledge about our world and what kind of problems we might encounter while pursuing
    this knowledge. This game is an experiment since I haven't done anything like that before. It's also an 'ingame experiment' as you (the player) has no clue about how the world you're
    put into actually works. You have to find that out for yourself.

    You can get it here:

    (If someone has a better suggestion to host the file then dropbox, please feel free to tell me.)

    You can choose between a Windows (not XP), Mac and Linux-Version, but the latter two are completely untested, so if you happen to try them out, please tell me whether or not they actually work.
    Please also tell me if you encounter any other kind of technical Problem. I can't promise anything, but I will at least try to fix it.

    Besides that, it should run on almost anything. Just be wary for the giant ball of unoptimised particle effects that is 'the sun' as it tanked the framerate on my (fairly crappy) Laptop when I looked at it. I reduced its size in the latest version, but chances are hight that it wasn't enough.
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