I`ve been playing this for a few days now, since I can finally log on (shakes fist at TotalBiscuit) so I`ve been wondering: does RPS actually have a corp in SC? Indeed, is there any interest in one? As far as I can tell the game would be a lot of fun in an organized environment, what with the way ships can compliment each other in their various roles.

The game is basically a Freelancer-style flight model, with some MMO-ish elements (ship abilities, modules and so on) but is at its heart a rather nice space shooter. Plus its free, and not the Hi-rez-style "logging on doesn`t cost anything, but you must pay to have fun" kind of nonsense either. I daresay it may veer too much in the other direction in fact. I have yet to reach the higher tiers, but so far I can`t find any major flaws apart from me sucking ass despite having played StarWraith for years.

So, anyone interested?