Hey peeps.

I moved to the UK last October. Now, turns out I'm moving back home sooner than expected, home being France, and sooner being in late May/early June.

Since I needed a phone subscription, I got one from T-Mobile. Thinking I'd stay for at least three years, I got a 24 months contract. Obviously, I'm not gonna be using it in a few months, so I called T-Mobile to see how I'd go about cancelling it. As I expected, I'd have to pay for the 16 months left on my subscription. That's 36x16=576 pounds. No, thank you.

So, I'm thinking about not paying anything at all and let them sell my debt to a debt collection agency and all that good stuff. Now, apparently, if one does not pay the money back, they're labelled as bad payers and are automatically blacklisted from cell phone companies.

Not knowing much about how it works exactly, that's why I'm posting this. Do you think that it'd work internationally ? Because it it doesn't, then I really, really don't care. But if it prevents me from taking a loan in France in a few year's time, it might be a bit of an issue.

TLDR : I'm gonna owe T Mobile 576 pounds. I'm moving back to France. I'm a poor student. Should I pay them ?