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    The Missing Ink - strange cartoony/minecrafty type MMORPG

    Noticed this kickstarter project by a guy who used to GM my guild back in the early days of Meridian59 and EQ. UK indi developers from down in Brighton (Redbedlam)

    Appears to be a slightly different from the norm, anyways thought I would post it here for people to have a look at and comment upon, mention to your mates or maybe even fund.

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    Thought the name sounded familiar, these guys made Roma Victor. Historical MMO set either side of Hadrian's Wall, it was incredibly buggy, difficult to have fun playing, and too ambitious for its own good. But I appreciated its existence.

    Also, this is a game currently playable on the PC, the kickstarter is for porting to tablets. I'll have to give it a try sometime.

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