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Forza Horizon 4 turns scenic Britain into stunt tracks with today's free update

Seasonal stunting.

Ah, the sounds of the Great British countryside. Birds chirping, streams rushing, and the terrifying roar of a Ferarri hurled skyward by a mountain-sized ramp. Forza Horizon 4's free Super7 update brings a little bit of Trackmania to the fields and valleys of Playground Games' open-world racer, letting you obliterate the scenic tranquillity of pastoral England by laying down honking great vehicular bobsled tracks later today.

Forza was already up in my personal faves for letting me drive the Halo car up Arthur's Seat. But let me lay down a few loop-de-loops on Princes Street? That's an all-timer, right there.

Much like GTA V's Cunning Stunts update, Super7 mixes up Forza's somewhat grounded races with a collection of absurd, rollercoaster-like stunt tracks. A new Blueprint Builder will let you cobble together one of these ludicrous courses wherever you want - and I've gotta admit, I'm sorely excited to see what kind of wild tricks folks wrangle out of my hometown's winding streets and hillsides. I suspect there'll be plenty of vans getting yeeted over Edinburgh Castle.

Whether you're the creative sort or not, you'll also be able to jump into the update's new Super7 mode, which lines up a gauntlet of seven randomly-selected tracks. Beat the lot, and you'll earn yourself an as-yet-unannounced "exclusive reward". I do worry this may lead to a trend of folks uploading dozens of almost-impossible tracks aimed at killing people's runs. Hopefully, Playground have thought of ways to keep this endurance challenge tough, but fair.

Not all the tracks need to be high-flying rollercoasters, mind. Super7's core mode seems to encourage "individual challenges based on drift, speed, air, and more", and we get a glimpse of some more grounded tracks livened up by the presence of giant plastic dinosaurs, or more Trials-esque courses that offer precision balancing. I'm genuinely super excited when games get this sort of map-creator stuff, and I'll be watching closely to see what kinda bizarre and brilliant creations come out of it.

Perhaps we'll see a few of 'em when Super7's stunting shenanigans go live later today.

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