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Zim zam zoom! Forza Motorsport 7 released

Parp parp!

Slam in your Top Gear Seriously Cool Driving Music CD, slip on your perforated suede driving gloves, and pull that lever no the other one you've made the lights go bright pull the one that makes the car do going, because Forza Motorsport 7 [official site] is now out for Windows 10. This is the first core game in Turn 10's fancy racing series to properly come PC, chasing the cut-down Forza 6 Apex and open-world spin-off Horizon 3. It has many hundreds of cars, dozens of tracks, and silly costumes aplenty.

It does have a demo, if you fancy a crack.

The only driving I do these days is in Plunkbat, trying to run over fools and ramp over houses, so I have nothing much to add. Here is a Forza 7 video:

This latest Forza also brings irritating loot boxes to monetise things which were once simply standard options. Right now these boxes are only sold for the currency earned by playing, but Turn 10 confirmed to Ars Technica that a microtransaction currency is coming. Ars say they're irritating even before monetisation hits anyway.

Forza Motorsport 7 is £49.99 on the Windows 10 Store. Yup, it's only on Windows 10 through Microsoft's own store, because that's how Microsoft bring their Xbox One games to PC. While some Winton games have escaped these confines after a few months, I probably wouldn't expect that from one of MS's biggest games. This is one of those 'Xbox Play Anywhere' games so that also gets you the game on Xbox One, and Oners who buy digitally get it on Windows 10 too.

On the technical side, do check the known issues list for potential problems. These include G-Sync being wonked with the latest Nvidia drivers, voice chat sometimes not working, potential crashes and freezing, and more. Turn 10 also say that they'll remove the framerate cap in a future update. They have already started patching, popping the first out last night.

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