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FREE 3: More Games To Keep You Going


It's three free for E3! The time of the day when we line up three of the expo's biggest blockbusters and recommend a free game you could be enjoying right now, instead of waiting around like a chump for your AAA heartthrob to notice you. THREE FREE FOR E3!

Intstead of Cyberpunk 2077 try...

Zen and the Art of Transhumanism by Deconstructeam

Not content with our Deus Ex substitute? That's fine, there's plenty of decision-heavy cyberpunk to go around. Here you take on the role of a transhumanist potter. You spin your wheel and use funky tools to mould the best parts of humanity - sex appeal, intelligence, strength - all ready to be implanted straight into your clients. But there's more than one way to help out your patients. Consider the marked man who comes to you. You could give him the strength to defeat his Yakuza foes. Or you could consult your book of implants and mould the piece that eliminates the fear of death. Your call.

Instead of Mafia III try...

Fitz Packerton by Teddy Dief, Brendon Chung, Ryan Cousins, Sarah Elmaleh

Criminal enterprises start with some dirty work. With Mafia III, I would say you're looking at about 30-35 hours of dirty work before you reach the end of your own sleazy mob empire. But why waste all that time? Here's a tale of crime that's over in mere minutes! And it's a smoothly told story too, all done on a strange moving stage, with minimal wastage. "A theatrical game about a man and the things he carries," says the creators. "Pack what you must. Pray you won't need it."

Instead of For Honor try...

Surf Shogun by farmergnome

Vikings, Knights and Samurai did not exist at the same time. But they do in Ubisoft's new triumvirate brawler. If you can forgive that wilful historical ignorance, then you can find it in your heart to play Surf Shogun - an arcade game in which surfing and the Shogunate co-exist in the future, with painstakingly cool results. Ride your surfboard on the beaches of Neo Kalifornyo and slice up your enemies in a high-score chasing rampage, grabbing power-ups and new weapons as you surf. Perform stunts to multiply your score and battle three of your soon-to-be-dead mates in local multiplayer. No vikings or knights allowed.

More free games for E3 tomorrow! Or if you'd rather still whet your appetite, you can follow all the E3 2016 news.

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