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Free games of the week

Lead the mafia and more

This weekend brings another set of different, awesome games for you to check out! If you’re into platformers where you must touch all of the blocks quickly and have different game modes and challenges, the first game is definitely for you! Repairing ships has never been so straight forward - as long as you can make the jumps. If you’re not so into ship repair - I also have some adventures after all the adults have left, a game about controlling the mafia, one about shopping at your local supermarket, and an abstract game about the meaning of love. Plenty of games to sink your teeth into over the weekend! Read on… Read on…

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Mobility! by Auroriax

Running around various ships, frantically repairing parts of them by touching or going near platforms to activate them. In this quick paced, minimalistic platformer, you are an engineer who needs to fix various ships in outer space. These ships have simple issues - such as repairs that need to be done based on viruses or circuits not working. To fix these different ships, you must locate rooms that have a caution symbol above the door and enter them.

Once inside, you must pick one of the four game modes depending on how much of a challenge you want from this room. Some modes make it rather easy, allowing you to just get close to various blocks to activate them, where others make the blocks disappear once activated - forcing you to either complete the area efficiently, or remember where the blocks are so you do not fall off and die. These blocks are sometimes not easy to get to as is - requiring you to jump, slide, and build momentum to get to different areas. Speaking to the different crew on the ship and exploring extra levels can earn you some new characters to try out so make sure you leave no ship undiscovered!

Once Upon a Coma [Demo] by Thomas Brush & Serenity Forge

Instead of being an engineer in a ship, explore a world after waking up from a long coma in this adventure platformer. You play Pete, a badass who has been in a coma for far too long. The world around him has changed a lot; things are overgrown, adults are gone, and giant spiders seem to rule the land. You don’t really remember much before the coma, but the children around are key to understanding - letting you know of the adventures they have been having without adults. These adults did start to act strange, violent even, before they left.

Not having adults around isn’t too concerning, until you discover that your sister Lilly has also wandered into the forest, in search of your parents. Now, you must go after her and find your own way through the spiders that roam around. There are a few characters you can meet along the way and even help out! This demo is short at the moment, but provides a little taste of what you can expect in the full game. The story, graphic style, and mystery surrounding this world is not one to miss. The game has been fully funded via an ongoing Kickstarter, where you keep up with development as it continues. Once Upon a Coma does have full controller support so I used an Xbox 360 controller to play this game.

Cosa Nostra by Miguel Navio

Sees you running the family mafia through making decisions and balancing different resources for your gang. You have money, men, respect, and police power to keep an eye on. Increasing each of these resources will increase the amount of power you have over the city. Your goal is to increase your power to a point where you can attack the other families in the city, hopefully winning and overthrowing them all.

You do need to be careful, as the decisions you make will highlight what resource will be affected. If any single resource reaches 100 or 0, you will lose the game - so even gaining too much of a single resource can be your downfall. Yes - it's like Reigns but with a crimelord rather than a monarch. You can gain significantly more resources using favors, which you can acquire from making specific choices when presented with decisions. These favors can be invoked from time to time, giving you a huge increase in a resource right when you are running low. Being in charge of the mafia gives you a lot of control - make sure to use it appropriately and eventually take over the whole town!

I’ll Take You To Tomato Town by Adamgryu

I’ll Take You To Tomato Town is much wackier than waking up from a coma or being a part of the mafia. You are put in the shoes of someone who is shopping for various other people at the local store. Only difference is, when you grab any items off the shelves, the rest seem to pop off and land on the floor. No one is going to really pick these items up, but that’s okay, because you have lists and can continue to find what you are looking for. Each time you complete a shopping list, you will get a phone call from the next shopper telling you why they need the new items on the list.

These people really are looking for some crazy items; donuts that look like bagels, soup specifically for sick people, and more. Once you play around for a bit, you will understand the layout of the store and know more about what is where. Eventually, you will run into a hiccup in the phone calls. It turns out, none of these customers have actually given you anything to pay for these items with - so you might as well steal as much as you can and walk out of the store! You have hungry friends to feed, after all!

Love Is Moving by Jared Johnson

Lastly, I bring you an abstract puzzler about love. Love Is Moving lets you control a heart, exploring through a strange world full of meaning, messages, and things to figure out. As a heart, you get to figure out more about love. Love is a lot of things; some obvious, others not. You can freely explore, seeing what happens in each screen, or try to figure out how to ‘solve’ the area - which results in your heart exploding and something new being added to the chain that moves around with your heart.

There is a lot going on in Love Is Moving - which you can interpret in your own way. Maybe you disagree with some of the messages, or maybe you feel this is all a lot of pressure for a little heart, unsure of what is going on in the world. Or maybe, you will embrace love and become a giant chain of things that all mean love. Who knows - love is complicated.

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