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Free-To-Play Legacy Of Kain, Thy Name Is Nosgoth

Kain you believe it?

It turns out hearing the name Nosgoth over-and-over-and-over is enough to make me lose it. After the fifth time I heard it spoken in this trailer, I got the the giggles and had to rewatch to get the details. I'm almost embarrassed that I can be so easily amused, but it is a silly word. That second pass gleamed the relevant information, and I watched a third-time to make sure I hadn't been hearing things the second time: Psyonix has been secretly developing a free-to-play PVP multiplayer action game set in the Legacy Of Kain universe. Human teams will fight Vampires teams. Guh?

I don't doubt that there will be people out there who thinks this is an affront on the Legacy of Kain lore, but I'm not one of them. Mostly because I can't remember much of it. Just that Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver was a great little action game and that it was released so long ago that it has no connection to what I just watched: a trailer of of melee vs ranged combat. Asymmetric multiplayer that puts rapid-firing crossbows versus winged beasties, and flamethrowers vs tank-like biting bastards.

Yeah. I'm all for fun multiplayer games, and this might be good. I guess hanging it off of the Legacy of Kain gets people talking, though I don't see much more reason to join those dots. Lore just gets in the way in multiplayer games, IMHO: I don't want to know about the lineage of a sword, I just want to know how powerful the pointy end is! It will be in closed beta very soon, and you can sign up right here.

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