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Freeware Garden: A Top 5 Goodbye

Farewell Garden

All good and freeware things must eventually come to an end and the very same applies to my dear Freeware Garden and its all singing, all dancing games. This, wonderful readers, is the final post in the series and my chance to admit how much I enjoyed writing it and to thank team RPS for giving me the chance to take this huge freeware burden off my chest. Oh, and to let you know which five games I covered I loved the most. These:

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A Postcard From Afthonia by Jonas Kyratzes [pictured above]

Puns, ideas, hope, love, outrageous characters, hand-drawn graphics any childrens' book would envy and countless descriptions in a game that will make you laugh and think. Often simultaneously. A Postcard From Afthonia will only take a bit of your time, but also introduce you to a truly delightful and revolutionary (in the traditional sense of the world) virtual place.

Mibibli's Quest by Games for Weird People

Mibibli's Quest is a huge and completely bonkers platformer, that any sensible dev would have released commercially. Then again combining the mechanics of Guitar Hero with those of King of Fighters in a game that involves lots of jumping around in surreal environments is far from sensible. It's unashamedly brilliant though.

Elders of Madness by Miguel Ángel García Guerra

If you ever wanted to battle cosmic horrors in a beautifully pixelated horizontal shmup, well, you are in luck for Elders of Madness has been crafted for you; with love. It looks great, sports a sanity mechanic that makes senses, features more than enough otherwordly bosses to accompany its dozens of unnamable baddies and, crucially, plays amazingly well.

Heroine's Quest by Crystal Shard

Obviously inspired by Sierra's classic Quest for Glory series, Heroine's Quest is an expansive, deep and impressively imaginative adventure-RPG. A puzzle filled tale of heroism and fantasy that is, looks and sounds marvelous. A non-linear game brimming with nymphs, spells, trolls, wizards, rogues and fully voiced characters, that will take you hours to fully explore.

Maze Walkthrough by Serafín Álvarez

Beautiful, weird, famous, rundown, high-tech, alien and even scary corridors from sci-fi movies have been modeled in 3D and assembled into a stunning, quite nonsensical and modestly interactive maze. Maze Walkthrough may not have traditional mechanics, but wandering through the the corridors of Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Metropolis, Resident Evil, and The Day the Earth Stood Still is an amazing experience.

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