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Freeware Garden: Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

Mega infringing.

I suggest you grab Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen, a game years in the making, before Capcom intellectual property lawyers notice it and banish it into oblivion. This is a fan game using all sorts of protected trademarks and assets, but it's far too good to ignore.

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Now, I may not be a Mega Man connoisseur, but I do know a great platformer when I see one and have played enough of the series to know that Revenge of the Fallen is pretty faithful. Everything I've come to expect from a classic Maga Man game seems to have been included: a silly cartoon intro featuring Dr. Wily; the NES style graphics; the charging shot; the upgradeable protagonist; the complex levels; the Robot Master stages; the rush and the tougher-than-average difficulty. Irritatingly, 8-bit design sensibilities are -- as authenticity dictates -- also accompanied by widely spaced checkpoints and a save system that's far too retro for me, but I suppose that's okay.

Nope, he's still up.

The game is bonkers, brillient and huge, after all.

Mega Man has to jump and shoot his way through the 20 branching levels of an ancient robot museum and restore the precious copies of old Robot Masters that have been stolen and revived to do battle. To achieve this, you'll have to navigate those levels, upgrade the little blue guy, find hidden rooms and murder an astonishing variety of baddies, including the three boss-like bounty hunters.

It's a fantastic nostalgic freeware offering. Seriously, better hurry and secure a copy.

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