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Freeware Garden: One Minute To Midnight

Crush all opposing revolutionaries

Though the trend towards more personal, almost solipsistic and usually depressing indie freeware games is a strong one, some developers do thankfully tackle matters from a more societal perspective. You know, with games like web-based RTS One Minute To Midnight for example -- a game about revolution or, at least, a revolution.

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Make no mistake, One Minute to Midnight is set in our less-than-brilliant times and thus doesn't start off in the jolliest of ways, but instead of being all cynical and sad about itself and just begrudging its bad luck, it has you taking to the streets. Occupying buildings and constructing a movement that will make things right by overthrowing corrupt elites and only occasionally crushing rival movements.

Of course, the stronger and more successful said movement gets the more you have to protect it. It's the way of history, it is. Some people, regrettably, aren't ideologically pure enough. Many do not quite understand and the immediately democratic system you are fighting for might have to momentarily base itself only on the people you know are faithful to you.

So, yes, here's an interesting political statement with a bit of humour, all wrapped up in a good looking and smart strategy game that does make sense.

As for the strategy bit itself, well, it's straightforward, frantic and tactically fun. You'll start off each level with occupying a building that will attract followers. Said followers can be sent to occupy other buildings or defend yours, and specialized buildings will become available for capture as the game progresses, mixing things up and providing an excellent challenge.

(Hat tip to Mr. Henrique Antero).

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