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Freeware Garden: Platdude In A Bit Of A Spin

Plus 300 other games

By fusing a slot machine with a puzzle platformer, prolific indie developer Jayenkai has come up with the completely random puzzle platformer. A new sub-sub-genre perfectly summed up in the colourfully retro Platdude In A Bit Of A Spin. A game that, not unlike solitaire, might just deal you a hand of platforms, ladders and traps you simply cannot win with.

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Now, fun, interesting and silly as solving the Donkey Kong-esque levels of Platdude In A Bit Of A Spin may be, it most probably will not engage you for more than, uhm, let's say a quarter, shall we? A pretty lovely quarter admittedly, but a quarter nonetheless. Soon the novelty of the idea and the charms of Platdude will have you wanting more.

A sheep. Not Platdude.

Which, leads us nicely to this post's very point: Jayenkai's amazing output of dozens upon dozens of freeware games that have been lovingly handcrafted for the PC (and some other platforms that don't matter as much) over the years. A digital treasure chest filled with over 300 games worth of wild ideas, funny mechanics, demented settings, silly names, retro graphics, intriguing re-imaginings and some excellent game design.

Games like Future Classics 1986 Edition, The Spikes Beneath, Migraine Gets, Blockman Worlds,  Platdude In A Go Cart and the brilliant Sheep Goes Left you simply have to dive into.

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