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Freeware Garden: This Little Piggy...

Went all the way home

I had to play through a hundred or so Ludum Dare vignettes to discover This (particular) Little Piggy, but it was a little piggy worth caring for. A gorgeous first-person game in which you, a space hermit, must make a potato salad -- though gathering that tasty, tasty bacon may be harder than it first appears.

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This Little Piggy (the game, that is) is a colourful affair and starts off on a lovely planetoid that, depending on your references, will either remind you of Super Mario Galaxy, Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince or both. It's a perfect, green little rock in space which you can travel around in a minute or so and is appropriately fitted for your average space hermit.

It's got its little hen-house, an orchard of sorts, a small place to call home and a humble table. Crucially, it's also home to a few tasty-looking pigs that are your only source of bacon and much needed animal protein. Oh, yes, and you have an axe that will allow for the 'crafting' of pig into bacon.

But who could ever imagine that the slaughter of just one pig would bring home dozens of trans-dimensional Pig Marines and open portals right in the middle of your little space garden? Nobody, that's who, unless perhaps you recognised that the theme for this recent Ludum Dare was Connected Worlds. Judging hasn't finished yet, but expect this to rank highly when it does - and play it today for Windows, Mac, Linux and your browser.

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