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Freeware Garden: Troll Song Verse One

Kick. Grab. Smash. Bite. Roar. Those are the commands you'll find in the Troll Song's SCUMM-like point-and-click interface and they are as apt as they are original, for this is an adventure starring four trolls and trolls simply do not act like your average genre protagonist. They do not push keys from keyholes onto newspapers. They smash doors; fiercely so, when their own species' survival is at stake.

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You play as the last survivors of the the mighty race imprisoned in a sunless dungeon, where all your brethren have perished after what must have been aeons of capture, and your goal is simple enough for even the dumbest of trolls to grasp: escape and wait for the rest of the planned Troll Song verses to get released. It seems that feats way more daring than a mere break away await you.

Judging by the quality, humour, fresh ideas and cartoony pixel-art of this first episode, this will be one saga worth keeping an eye out for. Not that Verse One isn't a lovely game in and of itself. In the hour or so it will take you to reach its end, you'll love roaring at stuff, releasing the remaining trolls from their cells, solving puzzles that involve makeshift catapults, and listening to the funny voice-overs.

And if you are worried of getting stuck, there's an excellent, gradual hint system built in that will lead you through.

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