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Freeware Garden: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Everything, always

After countless portals accidentally leading to hell and scientific experiments gone armageddon, the characters of What Could Possibly Go Wrong? make a sensible decision: they make sure a marine with a big gun and plenty of cover is always present at each and every portal activation. That's safety regulations for you, that is.

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You are to control said marine with the striking pink ponytail and enjoy a great, frantic and tight top-down arena shooter. One that comes with a grainy style and lovely pixel-art graphics, but also wave upon wave of inter-dimensional alien baddies. An action game that's fun, addictive and pure of heart.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? does everything right. It blends its intent to parody with satisfying shooting, lots of blood, a variety of enemies, smooth movements and an excellent sense of pace, into a WASD-and-mouse driven game that impressed the Ludum Dare voting crowds.

You can play its original web version here or try the anti-wrist-strain one here.

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