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Friday the 13th gives out free clobber in apology for launch woes

Oh ho ho how very retro

When Friday the 13th: The Game [official site] hacked through our door in May, our Adam declared the 1v7 multiplayer game "a smashing slasher sim." But unexpected horrors lay within. The servers promptly fell over at launch, like that archetypal awful teen who stumbles on a root then lies there screaming for twenty seconds while a fella with a mask and a machete lumbers towards them, and players found a few naughty exploits too. Apologising, the developers are giving away some '80s-tastic outfits as well as bonus points.

Yesterday brought a new "retro" skin and chiptune track for Jason plus two new outfits for all camp counselors. In a cheeky take on "retro", that Jason skin just makes him purple and blue - like the '80s, yeah? [I'm since told it's because he looked like that in an old video game, which is far less fun a reason.] The new counselor clothing is more conventionally retro. Have a look:

The apology fun continues this weekend. XP rewards will be doubled from Friday through Sunday and all players will receive 13,000 CP (the currency used to unlock perks). That hasn't happened yet, mind.

The devs say:

"Our thanks to the community for their support, their feedback, their concern and their suggestions. This has been a rocky release, to be frank. Our team is looking forward to the future to get more features, more content, more updates rolling at a quick pace and we hope you enjoy!"

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Friday the 13th: The Game

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