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Sunday Linkswap: Boing Boing Gadgets

We're all about the regular features on RPS. Except when we're three men down and the one who can post is busy swanning around with racing drivers instead. So, with apologies to them and to you for not getting this up on Friday, here belatedly is our weekly round-up of splendid postery from the mellifluous Boing Boing Gadgets - it's like Boing Boing, but about gadgets. In other words, very much what RPS would do if we were like RPS, but about gadgets.

- By way of a suitable segueway between them and us, here's BBG throwing down the gauntlet for someone to design a portable console/UMPC dedicated to roguelikes, text adventures and the odd cheeky spot of Dwarf Fortress. About as specialist interest as a gadget could be, but you really can't pretend you don't want one upon seeing the excellent photo mock-ups they've created.

- At least once a year, I suffer from intense Keyboard Ennui, which usually results in me dropping 40 notes on something that's esentially exactly the same as the last one, but with an enormous volume dial or something. This time, I'm hankering desperately for one of these gorgeous, hand-illustrated art keyboards.

- Nobody keeps disc-based pornography anymore, surely? Not when there's this infinite online ocean of flith, offering endless new and ever more debased fantasies. DiscMakers disagree, and have devised this password-protected CD/DVD lockbox/auto-dispenser to safeguard "certain DVDs owners may prefer to keep private."

- Google and Apple will ultimately either kill each other or join together to form an unstoppable empire. Google's iphone-baiting 'Android' OS for Smartphones suggests war is coming.

- Can you help identify what joystick or arcade machine this orphaned shaft and knob belongs to? Without making gags about shafts and knobs, preferably.

- Alright, this thesis on how to found your own sea-based micro-nation may be a link through to someone else's post, but John Brownlee nevertheless wins The RPS Best Use of A Bioshock Screengrab Award 2008.

- Finally, here's Joel Johnson ruminating on the psychogeography of New York, as redefined by his extended visits to GTA IV's Liberty City.

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