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Frog Detective 2: The Case Of The Invisible Wizard hops out next week

Lands on December 9th

Frog Detective 2 has a release date now. A very soon one, as well. The second in what's now a series of frog-led investigation games is coming to Steam next Monday, December 9th. This time, the amphibious detective is looking for an (allegedly) invisible wizard.

Frog Detective 2 begins when the welcome ceremony for a mysterious invisible wizard is is wrecked by some unknown fiend. Who better to solve such a mystery than a frog? Where geese bring pain and suffering, frogs are problem solvers.

The frog detective is equipped with a magnifying glass for sleuthing clues and a notebook for writing them down (and for decorating with stickers, apparently). All of the animals in town are suspects and you'll need to figure out who is most suspicious of all by exploring town and getting to know each one.

For my money, the literal cat lady named Susan is very suspicious. Mostly because she insists she isn't. What innocent person would say such a thing?

The Case Of The Invisible Wizard, like the first Frog Detective game, is quite short. Worm Club list front and center on the game's Steam page that it will take about an hour to complete so make sure you don't go in expecting a 40-hour frog epic.

You can head over to Steam to wishlist Frog Detective 2 ahead of its release next week.

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