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Frog Fractions adds over 100 new secrets to the Hop's Iconic Cap DLC

That hat's getting huge

As is, the Frog Fractions: Game Of The Decade Edition had secrets aplenty already. That's not just an amphibian with a gift for mathematics and that hat DLC is more than a fashion choice. It turned out that the Hop's Iconic Cap DLC was sort of another Frog Fractions sequel. Talk about bigger on the inside. Quite a cap. The game's developer says that as of today, Hop's Cap has gotten stuffed with even more secrets.

Arithmetic Amphibian-liker Natalie Clayton gave the cap a try back in August, saying "Lo and behold, put on the hat, and Frog Fractions: GOTD spirals off into entirely new numerals. [...] Things are awfully familiar to begin with, but quickly spiral according to the demands of high fashion." Well the spiral's not quite done yet. Slap that cap back on, frog folks.

"I've just patched 100+ new  secrets, big and small, into the Hop's Iconic Cap add-on to Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition," say Twinbeard's patch notes. "New features, new jokes, new conversations, new minigames, new music, ranging in obscurity from 'can't miss it' to 'break out the decompiler.' How many can you find?" Best hop on in there yourself if you too are a liker of frog maths. The secrets are fresh out of the oven.

You can find Frog Fractions Game Of The Decade Edition and the DLC on itch.io and Steam. Update patches for a DLC that's secretly a sequel, what a world we live in.

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