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From East To Quest? Dragon Quest X PC Bound

It's very rare to discover a game that doesn't contain either a dragon or a quest. Take Skyrim - an entire world in which even the molecules of the air are probably made up of sulphurous dragon-guffs. Read the lore. It's all in there. Among all the clutter of dungeons and dragons that are scattered throughout PC gaming's past, it is perhaps surprising that the venerable Dragon Quest series is a stranger to our particular Windows on the world. All of that is about to change in September, when Dragon Quest X arrives on Windows. Unfortunately, this may not herald a new era of slime-slapping jollity - the tenth game - which is probably the 167th in the series - is an subscription-based MMO. And it's currently only set for release in Japan.

Don't be disheartened. Perhaps you read Japanese, in which case you could tell me if the text on this page, which offers a PC benchmarking utility, actually says what Google translate reckons it does:

""Tribe of five online Shi Awakening Dragon Quest X" the latest work in, I have evolved into online RPG finally. You can enjoy along with the players in Japan, the story and adventure that attracts many fans and world view, warm Dragon Quest only. And, the release of Windows version was finally decided in the September 26, 2013!"

From what I can gather, downloading the benchmark tool and proving that your machine is brave enough to venture forth will allow you to apply for beta access. It may also grant Edward Snowden diplomatic immunity if he parachutes into your pocket though. My grasp of the language really shouldn't be trusted.

You can see what the game looks like by pressing the play button just down there.

Hmm. I quite like the art style but I don't care for the character designs. I'm not allowed to know about consoles, so any speculation on my part that the game is coming to PC because the Wii U hasn't taken over the world should be taken with a sack-full of salt. Still, it does seem likely. Perhaps the Japanese PC market will also fail the game, in which case it may yet travel to Europe and beyond.

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