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Elder Scrolls-Like Frontiers Still Looks Great, But Delayed

The not-so-final frontier

Frontiers is set to be massive. Primary creator and one-man wunderkind Lars Simkins' goal is to construct a gigantic, fully open world that looks sort of like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind from the right angles. The focus is on exploration, but what you end up doing - whether it's engaging in the main quest or becoming a literal crocodile hunter - is completely up to you. And now there are also hang gliders! An open fantasy world with real verticality? If it's an interesting world, count me in.

Last year Frontiers hauled in $157,381 on Kickstarter, but - despite a previously planned 2014 release date - Simkins and co have decided not to rush. It'll be done "when it's done," which is a frightening thing to hear with KS games, but this one does look to be making steady progress despite a number of lapsed deadlines. Videos below.

And here's a video explaining the delay, among many, many other things:

It all boils down to this:

"If you look at the backers' calendar, you can see what's left; it's not a trivial amount of work. I'm not going to set a new deadline, either. I'm just going to say — this is hard for me — I'm just going to say that it's going to be done when it's done."

Simkins plans to update much more frequently from now on, especially since he's no longer imposing arbitrary deadlines. Problem is, sometimes you need arbitrary deadlines to Get Shit Done, so it's really hard to say with this one. Simkins seems incredibly dedicated, but good intentions don't turn half-finished frameworks into bounteous lands of quest, coin, and animals that are like real animals only big and sometimes prone to wearing pants (which are sometimes made of animals like them, which is weird).

I really, really hope Frontiers lives up to its massive (in many senses of the word) potential.

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