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Frostpunk tells the story of Winterhome's fall in a free expansion next week

Chilling effects

11 Bit's Survival management sim Frostpunk did a lot of things right. It turned Alec into a monster, for starters. It made moral decisions feel like they mattered, beyond the stat gains or losses they resulted in. It also painted a picture of a large, harsh world where other people were living out their own stories, and sometimes they ended badly.

Teased at in the original campaign, next week players will be able to find out the story behind The Fall Of Winterhome - it's probably your fault, somehow. Due out on Wednesday, September 19th, this free new scenario promises more worldbuilding, new challenges and a new map to build in. Below, an all-to-brief teaser, giving us a momentary glimpse at the new environment.

Those who played through Frostpunk's main story will undoubtedly remember Winterhome, and the terrible effects it had on your own city. It was another survivor settlement that collapsed spectacularly. While most of its population died when the generator at the town's heart exploded, there were survivors. According to notes you find, some even turned to cannibalism. Just discovering Winterhome's fate causes your own settlement's morale to collapse, although the exact events leading up to this disaster have been a mystery until now.

Given the title of this scenario and the official art featuring the burning ruins of the town, it seems unlikely that Winterhome can be saved, no matter how well you manage it. While purely speculation at this point, I'd not be too surprised if the focus of this scenario is holding on in a losing situation. It's all going to fall apart one way or another, but pushing the player to sacrifice resources, people and their own humanity to hold on just for one more day? That's as Frostpunk as it gets.

Frostpunk is available on Steam, Humble and GOG for £25/30/$30. The Fall Of Winterhome scenario will be added free to the game next Wednesday, September 19th.

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