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Frostpunk's final DLC, On The Edge, picks a frozen fight with London

Forget about London.

Frostpunk's final chapter has thawed, and it's awful precarious. In part because On The Edge literally places your town on a cliffside, sure, but also because 11 Bit's final DLC wraps its story on a political turning point - tasking you with no only surviving the bitter cold, but wrangling the rest of your frostbitten compatriots in determining a future outside of the oppressive gaze of New London.

I think I speak for the entirety of the RPS Scottish contingent when I ask: who needs London, anyway?

On The Edge assumes your base game city survived, and can now send out scouts to establish new settlements, albeit one still under the firm grip of New London. They, not you, have control over the book of laws. As such, other communities become more of a focus - your town needs friends to survive, and through friendship or fear, you'll come to build up an alliance of towns that can one day, hopefully, confront the bastards in Westminster.

To fulfil this, On The Edge has added communication tools in your administration building. You can attempt to build safe routes between communities, trade between towns, and gain favour by fulfilling their requests. More broadly, the DLC adds 3 new city structures and 7 new technologies to develop, and all the new scenario mechanics can be toggled on in the game's endless mode. Full deets can be found on the expansion's Steam announcement post.

It does seem that On The Edge is very much "the final chapter" for this iteration of Frostpunk, mind. But it also sounds like there's a chill future in store for 11Bit, with their post ending on the suggestion that a board game adaptation and mobile edition aren't the only Frostpunk projects in the works.

Frostpunk: On The Edge is out now on Steam, Humble and GOG for £10.29/€12.99/$12.99.

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