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Frozen Endzone Thawing Out On Steam Early Access

Like a cold bum!

Mode 7's Frozen Endzone has just an hour ago made its way onto Steam's Early Access. Not that early, eh Steam? The game's beta came out at the beginning of December, and Alec has already had a mighty good poke around with it. To celebrate their arrival on the big grey rectangle, there's a new super-chilled out trailer, below. A trailer than also includes a full-length game being played.

The trailer also details how the game plays, all the features that are currently running, and what their plans are for future development. Including customisation options, as well as a single-player "season" mode. The trailer is the first three minutes, and then there's a commentated full game for the next seven.

They're aiming to finish the game by the end of the year, by which point the single-player mode will have entirely joined the default multiplayer. But you can start playing right now, for $25 for two copies. Or you can get the same directly from Mode 7, along with Steam keys. You should do the latter - they'll make more.

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