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Flame on: Frozen Synapse 2's tactical weaponry

Flamethrowers, mine layers and more

Frozen Synapse 2 [official site] continues to be one of the more exciting games on the horizon, which is a relief given that I'm quoted saying almost exactly that in the latest trailer. It's the AI factions and simulated city that acts as a backdrop to the tactical action that I'm most excited about, but the good ol' tactical combat of the original game is the foundation on which the rest is built. Here you can see how new weaponry will change that, and marvel at how smoke grenades and flamethrowers look so lovely in the game's visual style.

Control of space is always important in close quarters tactical combat, as I've learned by observing drunken pub brawls over the years. You're going to want to cover the exits, make sure nobody can get behind the bar, and get your best man to the pool table as quickly as possible so he can commandeer a cue.

The new weapons on display here should let you control the spaces within Frozen Synapse 2's procedural cities more efficiently. Flamethrowers draw a line across corridors or rooms, mines and turrets close down routes, and smoke disrupts line of sight and creates temporary cover. There should enough tactical tools to make infiltration and capture of even the trickiest building possible. And speaking of the buildings, I'm always happy to see new videos for this game because I enjoy seeing the interior layouts so much - I'd probably buy a procedural blueprint simulator.

The gifs below show flamethrowers, smoke grenades and mines, along with some of those lovely building layouts (yes, I'm more excited about the buildings than the weapons):

Along with the new trailer, there's news of a delay. Don't expect Frozen Synapse 2 this year, say Mode 7. I wasn't expecting it this year anyway, though looking back, I see that it was indeed intended for a 2016 release. Given the scope of the game - procedural cities, simulated faction behaviour, escalating conflict - I expected we might have to wait. It's OK. I can wait. I am strong.

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