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Frozen Synapse: Beating Mike Gapper

There is more to Frozen Synapse than beating fellow games-journalist Mike Gapper, but I figure that's as good an entrance point as any into its work of turn-based-tactical-manoeuvring. In lieu of a Verdict or a WIT or something, I figured I could try and explain some of the details of the game which make it so appealing to me, by yabbering over some video footage. Without a script. Or a plan. So, I set my newly-registered copy of FRAPS rolling and talked about the game. Go yabber! Go yabber beneath the cut!

You'll probably want to up the resolution a little.

Oh noes! I totally forgot to talk about why Quinns and Jim aren't so into it. Also mention that the game features direct-to-youtube uploading. I bet TotalBiscuit does this sort of thing with notes and thinking about it beforehand. I also didn't touch on the multi-player or the game modes much, but that was kinda deliberate. They're splendid, but it's the core joy I wanted to focus on. Man!

Finally, to be entirely fair to Mike, here's another game of his where he kicks-ass and takes names.

Though it must be stressed, not my ass or my name. But who would want my name? No-one can ever spell it right.

My ass is okay. It's not beyond comprehension you may want my ass.

Oh if you're tempted, there's a RPS tournament being arranged over in the forums if you wish to join in the shootage. Hurrah!

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Frozen Synapse


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