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Frozen Synapse: Here, Reviewed By Meer

Mode 7's turn-based yet lightning-quick combat strategy game Frozen Synapse finally got a proper, big-boy release yesterday. A fair chunk of you will have played it already, as it's been in a purchasable beta form since the beginning of time or thereabouts, but if you've not glanced back at it since the early days, you're in for a meaty treat. In addition to a host of improvements to the UI and multiplayer, the singleplayer elements have worked out far better, and far more substantial than I'd imagined.

I bang on about such things at length in my Eurogamer review here. Here's a quote, in time-honoured RPS Writers Link To Their Off-Site Reviews fashion:

'Commit' is such a beautiful name for an End Turn button. Press it with trembling hand, for there's no backing down afterwards. Watching the Outcome of a turn is up there with staring at the flickering television in a bookie's office, ticket clenched into your sweaty paw as you pound imagined psychic energy into the horse you've bet everything on. This time. This time. It must go as planned.

And I believe Jim is beavering away on a write-up for RPS next week, hopefully to be followed by a think-o-chat between us. In the meantime, here's the launch trailer:

Frozen Synapse is currently discounted to $19.99. That's just over £12, for which you get two copies - one for you, one for a chum/relative/lover/enemy/particularly dexterous pet. It's going back up to $25 in a few days though.

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