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Fugl: 3 minutes of being a swoopy bird!

I'm like a birrrrd

I've been entranced by Fugl [official site] every time I've seen the flying exploration game pop into my inbox or my timeline. Hopefully I'll get some time with it soon as it's coming into early access on 14 September, then I can report back on whether it plays as well as it videos! In the meantime there is a three-minute video showing a slice of gameplay as well as just showing off the aesthetic - a beautiful cubescape with really nice lighting and colour palettes.

I do like the lighting in the caves!

"Our game, the meditative bird experience Fugl, aims to do exactly that: it lets players freely explore a vast beautiful world on their own terms. No set goals, rings to collect or enemies to defeat. Just discover the rich wildlife, meet animal friends and most importantly have fun; whenever you need a little time off from the stress of daily life."

Looking through the dev team list, aside from Johan Gjestland, I see a few familiar names I didn't know were associated with the project too - there's sound designer Martin Kvale who I met at GDC because of his work on Hidden Folks and Keyboard Sports (you may know him via Krillbite's games like Among The Sleep or from GoNNER) and Gorm Lai, a founder of Global Game Jam who also worked on the OSX version of Limbo. The artist is Marco Peschiera so if you like the look of the game go over to his Cartrdge page for little gifs of lots of charming animals!



So yes. 14 September for early access over on Steam, all the usual early access caveats apply. The "about" section also has some detail about what's in the alpha version and the bits and pieces the team want to add as progress continues.

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