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Fundraising livestreams for the GDC Relief Fund begin today

Three days of streams

The annual Game Developers Conference, and a bunch of other gaming events, have been cancelled or postponed this year thanks to the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Getting to GDC represents a serious financial commitment for indie developers especially, who have been impacted by its cancellation so close to the dates it was meant to run. Gamedev.world is hosting a fundraising week of livestreams to benefit the GDC Relief Fund.

The livestream schedule kicks off today with some live music, an interview with Supergiant Games composer Darren Korb, and a bunch of voice actors like Ashly Burch and Jennifer Hale. You can watch live over on Gamedev.world's Twitch channel.  Tomorrow they'll be streaming Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a talk with game composer Austin Wintory of Journey fame, and a talk by Valambeer's Rami Ismail. Livestreams are running today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, April 1st.

The fundraising event is taking donations by way of a pay what you want bundle of games and game making assets on Itch. There's a grand chunk of things in the bundle, over 150 games from Vlambeer's own Nuclear Throne, to Codemancer, to sillier and smaller offerings produced during the GDC Relief Jam.

If you are a developer who has been financially impacted by GDC's cancellation, you can apply for relief on the GDC Relief Fund website.

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