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Future Unfolding's Gorgeous Exploration Due Early 2017

Princess Mononoke'em up

It's been a long time coming, but Spaces of Play's top-down nature explorer, Future Unfolding [official site], is expected to arrive some time in 2017. We last took some time to bask in Future Unfolding's boundless beauty way back in 2014, and judging from this new Greenlight trailer, not muh has changed in that regard. Come take a look!

Future Unfolding's abstract art style readily evokes the deep forest with its earthy hues mixed with pops of bright foliage. There are woodland critters to befriend, and puzzles to solve, but mostly you'll be left to wander and take in all of the game's serenity.

Players will explore this wilderness, interacting with a number of animals (like the gorgeous wolves we see in action) to open up new areas to discover. As in real life, the creatures you encounter could be friendly or hostile. More benevolent animals might bestow abilities upon, while angrier ones will chase or attack. All of this is procedurally generated, presenting players with a new swathe of nature each time they start fresh.

Future Unfolding is still trying to pass Greenlight, but you can give the game a visit on Steam regardless, and rate whether you'd like to see the game in full someday.

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