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Pimp Your Space Ride With Galactic Civilization 3 DLC

Tricked Out

Galactic Civilization III [official site] felt to Adam in his review like a good starting point that years of DLC and expansions would ultimately make more interesting. That's already happening: Stardock have released a Builder's Kit DLC that includes new ship parts, a new ship type, and a labelling system so you can name all your fancy designs.

Released on June 2nd, this update introduces over 100 of cosmetic ship parts that you can stitch onto your designs as you live out your Dune-inspired fantasies. There's a few dozen core parts, like discs and boxes, but Stardock Entertainment have thrown in some cool fins and other addons so you can really trick out your slick new armada. There's a new Raider ship set that lets you give your custom factions even more personality, along with some new shipyard and starbase designs too.

There's also a new labelling system, letting you use letters or numbers to display on the side of your vessels. “We’ve seen some pretty creative ship names,” said Boyer in the press release. Which I find hilarious because that's probably the most diplomatic way of talking about what I'm sure are entire empires led by fleets that would keep our mothers awake at night.

The Builder's Kit is available now through Steam or directly from Stardock and costs $5/€4.

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