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Destiny 2

3 weeks ago

Destiny 2’s Xur is worth visiting again now he has better rolls

Every weekend, mysterious tentacle-faced merchant Xur pops up in a corner of Destiny 2 selling a selection of Exotic gear. For the past eight months, his stock has been a bit rubbish. He's sold fixed armour rolls with bad stats, see, which are useful if you don't have the item at all but worse than any random drop. Good news: Xur has started selling armour…

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Destiny 2 has removed skill-based matchmaking for most PvP modes

Bungie have now removed skill-based matchmaking from most of Destiny 2's PvP Crucible playlists, by popular demand. What kind of a pubstomping monster wouldn't want matchmaking to factor in skill? Ah, it's a tricky issue. SBMM has become a semi-controversial topic in multiplayer games, and in Destiny specifically its knock-on consequences have included longer waits for matches and some real laggy laggers lagging up the…

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Destiny 2’s new Exotic is mysteriously one-shotting bosses

The Season Of Arrivals started in Destiny 2 this week and while the whole season was kept a surprise up until launch, one arrival is a bigger surprise than the rest. Witherhoard, the new Exotic grenade launcher you can grab from the season pass track, will sometimes mysteriously spit enough damage to melt a boss. Most, if not all, of a raid boss's health bar…

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Destiny 2’s new season seems more promising so far

Amid the megablast of news about Destiny's future yesterday, Bungie started the latest season, the Season Of Arrivals. After nine rocky months of decreasingly good seasons in Destiny 2, Season 11 feels like Bungie are starting to turn a corner. I don't know how I'll feel about Arrivals in two months, but right now I'm pretty excited about a lot of its newness. Not just…

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Destiny 2 announces next three expansions, and plans to revive old D1 content

A busy livestream has brought a whole lot of Destiny 2 news today. Bungie announced the next expansion, named Beyond Light, for launch in September. Today they also start the next season, named Season Of Arrivals, and launch a new dungeon. Looking into the far future, they've a further announced two expansions for 2021 and 2022. And to keep the game manageable, they plan to…

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I like that Destiny 2’s first live event was slow, but I wish Bungie communicated this better

On Saturday, Destiny 2 held its first live in-game event, inviting players to witness the destruction of a vast spaceship on a collision course with Earth. Perched on the gantries and rooftops of the Tower, we watched the ship looming large in the sky and... waited. What many expected to be a few minutes of fireworks turned out to be 90 minutes of watching projectiles…

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4 weeks ago

Destiny 2 will finally blow The Almighty out of the sky today

It's about damn time. After months of preparation, Destiny 2 is ready to blow up The Almighty, the massive Cabal spaceship that's been threatening to smack The Tower all through this season. The fireworks kick off in a few hours - and in a new move for Bungie, it sounds like you'll be able to watch the calamity as it happens in what may be…

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1 month ago

The Darkness vocalises its impending return to Destiny 2

Always acting, but never quite seen. It seems one of Destiny 2's most elusive antagonists is preparing to finally play its hand. Lurking in the shadows of Bungie's space-knight loot shooter, The Darkness have finally put voice to their long-awaited return by broadcasting an ominous hum on the Destiny 2 Twitter account. Whether as another season or as the game's next expansion, it may soon…

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Destiny 2 quest for Felwinter’s Lie is fixed, and an easy way to get a great PvP shotgun

After a bumpy journey with daft amounts of grind and a halting bug, Destiny 2's latest quest, The Lie, can be completed. That's the one where our not-so-benevolent AI overlord, Rasputin, wanted us to grind Seraph Towers and shotgun kills. The final step brings a new bit of story, which is quite nice, and a new shotgun you really might want if you play PvP.…

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I hope Destiny 2’s Titanic disaster rumours are as fake as they seem

One weirdly persistent Destiny 2 fan theory is that Bungie are planning to fully obliterate and remove one of the MMOFPS's areas, the Saturnian moon of Titan. It'll be a dramatic show of force from the Darkness sweeping through the solar system, so the story goes. There is no real evidence to support this but I've seen some folks start repeating it as a given.…

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2 months ago

Destiny 2 capping gear levels doesn’t sound so bad, as long as Bungie reduce grind to get it

One of many changes planned for Destiny 2's next year is a time limit on how long players can keep boosting their gear's level to remain viable. Legendary-rarity weapons and armour will get one year to shine, and then they'll be left to fade away. Bungie say it'll make the game stay fresh over time, get players chasing new loot, and let them make things…

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Bungie move the goalposts on Destiny 2’s new communal challenge

Just over a day after setting Destiny 2 players a new communal goal to grind towards, Bungie have made changes so it'll be finished a whole lot sooner. A new quest, named The Lie, starts out with a goal shared between all players: complete the seasonal Seraph Tower event nine million times. Given that most Seraph Tower attempts seem to end in failure, it is…

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Destiny 2’s new communal goal for Seraph Towers looks unlikely

As is becoming tradition towards the end of a content season, Destiny 2 has set another big communal goal for players. This time, rather than dump all our leftover seasonal resources into a magic box or whatever, we're being challenged to complete Seraph Towers. A whole lot of Seraph Towers. This seems perhaps for just a cool reward rather than the big season finale, something…

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Destiny 2 steps up its fashion game with transmog in Year 4

As any good Guardian knows, Destiny 2 isn't just a jargon-filled sci-fi loot 'em up. It's just as much, if not more so, a far-future fashion show. But in a game about constantly trading out new gear, keeping a fresh look has always felt a little contentious. This week, Bungie revealed that Year 4 will introduce a transmog system to help you store your favourite…

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Destiny 2 players are time-travelling through Tower glitches

There's something delightfully in-fiction that, isn't there? A rogue band of Destiny 2's space knights breaking through the physical boundaries of their home to discover an alternate space, unlocked from time? You could've plucked that straight out of the Grimoire. But these Guardians are very much real, a set of curious players who, through a glitch in the Tower's geometry, may have caught a sneaky…

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Destiny 2’s seasonal events will soon stick around all year long

What the hell is going on in Destiny 2? Is a question I ask myself pretty much every time I jump back into Bungie's space-wizard adventure. So much has happened since I last played full-time, and worse, so much is locked to the annals of history - seasonal content that'll never return to Destiny 2. But that impermanence may be about to end. To stop…

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Destiny 2 has tweaked Hard Light, the disco-spamming gun that’s dominated PvP

If you've played Destiny 2 PvP this season, you have almost certainly been cut down by Hard Light. And then again. And again. The Exotic auto rifle became real strong after buffs this season, and has been statistically the most-used gun in Crucible. It's a recognisable problem too, because it spits colourful lasers bouncing off walls and all over - not a subtle gun. Thankfully,…

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Destiny 2 having special merch unlocked by in-game accomplishments is neat

As much as I think Destiny 2's Guardian Games is a disappointing grind-o-rama, I must concede that the event's merch is cool. For each of the three classes, Bungie are selling a little supporter's pack with a scarf, a felt pennant, and an enamel pin. I don't buy merch but even I will concede that's pretty neat. Bungie are good at merch in general, and…

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Destiny 2’s new event does not have the oomph this season needs

Last night saw the start of the Guardian Games in Destiny 2, a new three-way competition between Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks to, in Bungie's words, "test your skills in a series of daily class challenges" and ultimately "prove that your class reigns supreme". In reality, the competition is just another set of bounties in a game already too focused on bounties. Guardian Games is a…

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3 months ago

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games aim to prove, once and for all, which class is best

It's about time we worked out which Destiny 2 class is the good one. Next week, Bungie's space-wizards, stellar warriors and, uh, moon hunters are taking part in the Guardian Games, a limited-time event that has each class battling out for new gear, snazzy guns, and the chance to win bragging rights over their Guardian compatriots. Don't worry, though. The best Destiny class is still…

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