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Star Citizen

3 months ago

Star Citizen director says Squadron 42 “will be done when it’s done”

How do you celebrate the eighth birthday of an MMO that technically still hasn't been fully released? Why, you hold a Q&A to let fans know that its singleplayer spin-off is nowhere near coming out either, of course. Over the weekend, the Star Citizen devs, Cloud Imperium, held a Q&A over on their forums as part of its birthday celebrations. Despite rules on the thread…

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Star Citizen’s new alpha does away with loads of safe zones

Cloud Imperium's space-em-up MMO, Star Citizen, has got a new alpha build for players to muck around in, with changes that'll let you do more PvP. The Alpha 3.11 High Impact update is doing away with a load of the game's safe Armistice Zones, and is adding new spaceships, as well as a Halloween event running throughout October. It doesn't end there though, because on…

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4 months ago

Star Citizen director assures fans it “is not a pipe dream”

Chris Roberts, the director of Star Citizen, took to the sandbox space game's forum this weekend to address recent complaints on how long it's taking to implement certain features. It comes as a response to a fan's YouTube video questioning why the perpetually-in-development MMO doesn't yet have certain aspects of the "atmospheric room systems", which were first shown by developers Cloud Imperium four years ago.

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6 months ago

Star Citizen’s revised Squadron 42 roadmap now has its own roadmap

Eight years and a few hundreds of millions of dollars in crowdfunding into development, and Star Citizen's star-studded Squadron 42 campaign is still nowhere on our scanners. After plans for more regular updates seemed to fizzle out, Cloud Imperium today filed the paperwork to acquire planning permission to post an entirely new development roadmap for the revised roadmap they announced earlier this year.

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8 months ago

Test-drive Star Citizen’s ships in a free trial event this week

It is time, once again, to take a wee trip into outer space. From Friday, May 22nd 'til June 1st, interstellar sandbox and crowdfunding purgatory Star Citizen is doing another free fly week - letting you get behind the controls of Star Citizen's roster of big expensive computer spaceships as part of the in-universe Invictus Launch Week festival.

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11 months ago

Cloud Imperium and Crytek finally settle their long legal dispute

For the last few years, Star Citizen's battles haven't been high-flying dogfights. Instead, developers Cloud Imperium have been tangled in a dispute with Crytek, exchanging heated legal blows in lieu of laser blasts. But now, at long last, it seems the two warships declared a long-overdue ceasefire. Court documents posted this week reveal that Crytek and Cloud Imperium have agreed to settle the former's lawsuit.

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1 year ago

Star Citizen devs want Crytek’s car-crash lawsuit to stop, for good

Forget dogfighting, first-person shooting and interstellar exploration. For the last few years, Star Citizen has looked increasingly like those bits in the Star Wars prequels where muppets sit on big steel dodgems to discuss trade agreements. 2020 looks to be no different, with a long-standing dispute between Cloud Imperium Games and Crysis/CryEngine-maker Crytek coming to a head once again. This month, Crytek asked for their…

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Star Citizen has better moons and PvP punching, and Squadron 42 is still in orbit

Just as 2019 was being put to bed, Cloud Imperium delivered a couple of Xmas gifts to its Star Citizen players. They released version 3.8 of their space-faring money blackhole, adding new planet tech, new worlds, and PvP punching. They also released a “visual teaser” for Squadron 42, which is their shooting-heavy Star Citizen spin-off and is probably too far into development to be teased…

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Star Citizen showed off wormholes, espionage, and space coffee at CitizenCon 2949

The perpetually in-development Star Citizen just held its biggest event of the year, CitizenCon 2949, on Saturday in Manchester. No, that isn't the tired joke about when developers Cloud Imperium Games will finally finish their enormous sci-fi starship showcase. I have some semblance of standards. Gathered fans sneaked a peek at upcoming features, including news systems, planets, and (of course) giant spacecraft highlighted in a…

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An upcoming Star Citizen mission will let you leap from ship to ship

Though space is considered fairly empty, Star Citizen isn't quite as sparse as people believe. I spent some time with it earlier this year and enjoyed a whole weekend exploring the universe. I flew to ArcCorp, a planet covered in a city. It was well worth the trip. I got to ride on a cyberpunk tram! That’s not all there was to do, though. Star…

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2 years ago

Star Citizen trial week shows off spaceladies and new spacecity

Shiny spaceship simulator Star Citizen today launched yet another 'Free Fly' trial event, inviting all and sundry to check out the female character option and planet-spanning megacity added in Alpha 3.5 in April. The free trial will run for one week. I'll have a go of that, sure, I'm a sucker for character creators and sci-fi cities. I'll probably just spend ages wandering the corridors…

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 adds a new city-planet, flight model and women

Star Citizen continues its slow march towards looking like a halfway coherent game. Rolling out this weekend is another big update, Alpha 3.5, this one focused on fleshing out the planet-side experience in the space MMO. The biggest (in the most literal sense) addition this update is ArcCorp, a planet that is also a corporation, where ships are likely held in place by the invisible…

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Star Citizen is adding American Sign Language emotes

Crowdfunding bonanza and space simulator Star Citizen has announced some new emotes aimed at Deaf and hard of hearing players. The American Sign Language (ASL) animations include all the typical fare you might come across in an online video game, like “hello,” “thank you,” and “bullshit.” Animator Steve Bender describes the idea, and shows off a few of the emotes, in the video below:

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Star Citizen free trial week blasts off

Space, man. Chris Roberts always wanted you to go into space, man. (Intergalactic Christ.) That's why the Wing Commander designer's shiny new space sim Star Citizen has launched a free trial week, inviting all and sundry to poke around and kick the tyres, seeing what they've done with six years of crowdfunding. These days, that includes flying spaceships, running spacemissions, spacemining, pootling around a planet…

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Star Citizen launches alpha 3.3, Squadron 42 shows off new trailer

Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink space sim dream Star Citizen has taken another step closer to reality with the launch of a new alpha for backers, including adding NPC enemies to first-person shooter bits for your face-shooting pleasure. It also boosts performance and... lets you use your webcam to motion-capture your own expressions for your character's face? I think my face would start to hurt after an hour of…

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Star Citizen seems to be real and you can try it for yourself this weekend

Despite sometimes seeming like a shared hallucination, it's harder to deny that Star Citizen exists in some tangible capacity today, as it's currently free for all to try. To wrap up their appearance at Gamescom, Cloud Imperium Games flung open the hangar-bay doors to the cold and hostile void of space. And by that, I mean the general public. Those wanting to take a poke…

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3 years ago

Star Citizen adds mining in latest update

After almost five years on the early access assembling pad, Star Citizen continues to have new booster rockets and decals attached. The space sim launched alpha version 3.2.0 over the weekend, strapping on the thrilling ability to mine spacerock. Hey, it's a living. Mining is supposed to eventually become a core part of the space sandbox MMO's economy, though without half the rest of the…

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Star Citizen devs ask court to dismiss Crytek’s lawsuit

The makers of Star Citizen have declared that the lawsuit against them by CryEngine makers Crytek "sacrifices legal sufficiency for loud publicity", and asked the court to dismiss it. Crytek have claimed that Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) broke the contract under which they licensed CryEngine to build their space sim upon. CIG say these claims are tosh, mostly disproved by a simple look at the…

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Watch an hour of Star Citizen’s campaign, Squadron 42

Despite reports of a brewing legal struggle between Star Citizen studio Cloud Imperium Games and one-time engine partners Crytek, the enormously crowdfunded studio have released another big chunk of gameplay footage, this time focused solely on Squadron 42, the story-driven singleplayer campaign mode. It's a broad mix of gameplay styles, showing off everything from dialogue to dogfighting, some zero-G EVA exploration and a chunk of…

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And now it’s Star Citizen vs Crytek

It wouldn't be 2012-2018 (and who knows how much longer) without a Star Citizen controversy. Chris Robert's mega-crowdfunded space-everything game has been subject to a great deal of scrutiny about what it's spent its half-decade and its $173 million dollars on, but a brand new curveball is that his studios Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries are being sued by Crysis and CryEngine makers…

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